For fast, efficient and expert plumbing services when you need them, True North Mechanical has you covered. We are a full-service commercial, industrial and residential plumbing company servicing Fort McMurray & surrounding area.  

TrueNorth Mechanical provides critical plumbing services when it counts including: 

  • 24 hr emergency plumbing services for floods, backed up drains and leaks

  • Drain cleaning

  • Drain and waterline leak repair

  • Plumbing installations and servicing for new commercial and residential construction

  • Industrial plumbing services for installations, repairs and maintenance

  • Plumbing installations for new condo buildings

  • Available plumbing maintenance programs for condos, commercial and industrial buildings


With over 20 years of plumbing industry experience, trust us to take care of your plumbing needs in Fort McMurray. 

Fort McMurray Plumbing Services

Plumbing For New Construction/Tenant Improvements

TrueNorth Mechanical is your reputable plumbing company for any new construction requiring plumbing whether you are doing tenant improvements as a home owner, or larger construction project for commercial buildings, industrial sites or new condo buildings. We are well versed in all the necessary permits and license that must be obtained to properly perform plumbing work in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. Typical services for new construction are:

  • Plumbing for new condo buildings

  • Commercial and industrial construction requiring plumbing

  • Residential tenant improvements

  • Plumbing upgrade projects

Drain Cleaning

Whether your in need of a drain cleaning right now, or looking for preventative plumbing, TrueNorth Mechanical should be the first to call. By partnering with TrueNorth Mechanical, we can provide you with annual inspections for your drain is clean and risk free of back-up. Your sewer system is one of the most important, yet delicate plumbing systems in your house or building and should always be well maintained. Depending on your drain system and type of clog you are experiencing, TrueNorth Mechanical specializes in a number of drain cleaning techniques including:

  • Auguring

  • Rodding

  • Snaking

  • Swabbing

  • Flushing

  • Steaming

Drain & Waterline Leak Repair

Leaking drains and waterlines can cause major problems in your house, business or building. TrueNorth Mechanical are always available to fix your leaking pipe and we offer proactive maintenance to help spot potential leaks before they become major issues.

CCTV Inspections/Drain Camera Inspection

We employ the latest technology in optics and robotics to view, inspect and report on the health of your pipes with CCTV inspections. Camera inspections can be floated, flown or forced through pipe systems to inspect the issue with high definition (HD) imaging. If you are a building owner who has reocurring blockages with their pipework, inspections can troubleshoot the issue without ripping down walls or pipes. Other CCTV applications include:

  • Asset value management assessments

  • Pipe quality assurance and quality control

  • Assessing the quality of work from contractors

Water Filtration System

Clean water is important, that's why we install, repair and maintain water filtration systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers at TrueNorth Mechanical. Whether you need a simple install or a little more complex for a water filtration system, we have the experience at TrueNorth Mechanical.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Plumbing requires preventative maintenance to ensure there are no major issues with your plumbing which could be a costly fix. TrueNorth Mechanical provides plumbing maintenance contracts to monitor your plumbing equipment to ensure any problems are not costly ones. Plumbing maintenance ensures limited downtime, increase service reliability, maintaining factory warranty compliance and predictable budgeting. 

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