Locally owned and operated company, we specialize in Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Refrigeration. We are dedicated to rebuilding our town and are committed to this community… together we can make Fort McMurray better than ever! 


“True North Mechanical was born from a desire to do things differently; to be hands on when it comes to customer service so we can understand our client’s business and mechanical needs. Dedication to our clients, vast industry experience & transparency in price and scope of work are what set True North apart from the rest.”


Owners Keith Craig and George Barnes have over 45 years of combined industry experience and are seasoned journeymen in their respective trades. Their hands-on approach, dedication to our community and hard work are what propel them.

True North Mechanical is built on strong leadership, skilled and enthusiastic

employees, and a commitment to providing

expert and reliable service.

Our hands on approach to customer service helps us to better understand our client’s business and operations, so we can tailor our services to better meet their mechanical needs.


We are dedicated to our community and to the rebuilding of Fort McMurray, we know that together we can make our town better than ever!


We strive for a zero-incident workplace and we believe that all incidents are preventable. We have an in-house Health and Safety Program that supports continuous learning and awareness for managers, supervisors, and employees.


True North is committed to creating the safest and healthiest work environment possible for our employees, and all other personnel affected by our operation. We have an in-house Health and Safety Program that supports continuous learning and awareness for managers, supervisors, and employees. We meet on a weekly basis to review our safety procedures, and continuously look for improvement.


True North has developed competency standards and hazard assessment tools for safety critical tasks, with employees actively involved in this process. The Field Level Risk Assessment reflects our commitment to workplace health and safety, during every activity, right through to project completion.

All our employees are tasked with, and have readily accepted the responsibility of protecting themselves, and all those who could be affected by their actions. Our Safety Program Manual contains a comprehensive set of Safe Work Practices and Job Procedure Instructions, which are reviewed prior to each operation. All those involved are on an equal footing during the discussion, and all must be satisfied before work begins.


We value the safety of all, as well as providing professional, quality work, and attention to our client’s needs.


We will respond to appointment bookings as soon as possible, please be sure to include the urgency in the message - low, medium, high, urgent. Thank you for booking online.

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