Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are among the most important in your home or commercial building. Your HVAC system controls the environment inside your dwelling. It is designed to handle indoor air quality and temperature. Fort McMurray HVAC circulates air throughout the building and exchanges air with the outside. Every building requires working HVAC for healthy occupancy.

Fort McMurray HVAC

Fort McMurray HVAC systems may include a variety of types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Heat is a necessity and it is provided using a central heating system such as a furnace or boiler. The unit is often located in the basement or mechanical room where it generates heat and sends it throughout the structure using ductwork or pipes.


The ventilation system is designed to circulate air and is particularly important for large structures such as high rise office buildings, hospitals and industrial buildings. The use of ventilation is essential to prevent the spread of airborne diseases. Ventilation systems may include several features that help to create air flow and exchange outside and inside air.

Air conditioning is accomplished through one of several methods such as convection, conduction or radiation. The air conditioning unit may be part of the furnace unit and might include an outside condenser. Cool air can then be sent throughout the home or office using the same ducts that are used for heating.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Whether you are building a new home or renovating a commercial property, you need to have the HVAC system installed by a professional Fort McMurray HVAC company. Installation by a specialist will ensure that the system is properly set up for your particular building and the products and services are covered by warranty.

Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent any serious malfunctions. Each of the systems should be checked annually or before you use it for the first time each season. Preventative care includes an inspection and equipment testing and may include cleaning. Each of the systems in your building will function at its peak when it is well-maintained.

When your systems aren’t working correctly they require service from a reputable HVAC company. It is usually advisable to get professional repairs rather than try to fix the problem on your own. An experienced technician knows how to diagnose the problem and has the tools, knowledge and expertise to quickly resolve the situation.

True North Mechanical

True North Mechanical is your go-to HVAC professional for all your residential, commercial and industrial HVAC needs. Our professional technicians have more than 45 years of combined experience working on heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing systems in the Fort McMurray area. Our goal is to provide high quality reliable service at affordable prices.


When you call True North Mechanical you can trust that the job will be completed professionally and on time. We offer emergency services 24/7 when you have a problem that occurs in the evening or on a weekend. Contact us today or visit our website at to schedule an appointment.

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